What is coworking What is coworking

What is coworking


Coworking is working in a shared working environment with like-minded entrepreneurs. In the coworking community you share knowledge and skills.

The coworking phenomenon has been in existence since the end of the years 90 but only after 2010 has become really popular in the Netherlands. But what is Coworking anyway? And what benefits does coworking offer for your company? Areas Gouda is happy to inform you about its advantages and disadvantages. Want a tailor-made advice? Please contact one of the employees of areas Gouda and ask for the possibilities of coworking.

What is coworking?

Coworking is working in a shared working environment with like-minded entrepreneurs. These like-minded entrepreneurs are all part of the same coworking community in which knowledge and skills are shared. Coworking is not only working in the same room.

By means of coworking you become an entrepreneur from your social isolation (for example when working at home) and you benefit from the network of the other coworkers. As part of the coworking community, you are automatically invited to social and informal meetings.

The benefits of coworking for you

Coworking has the future, in all probability we work in 2030 in Flexcommunitys. The biggest advantage of coworking in working at home is that you use the common benefits optimally. You are part of a group of entrepreneurs, a group of entrepreneurs with each his/her specialist knowledge and with a broad network. Other entrepreneurs can keep a mirror on your product, but they can also advise you. Coworking leads to proven better results than working at home.

Where can you go for coworking?

Business Centers and Office experience concepts are the ideal coworking locations. Within business reception you often only rent an office room or large office space. View all coworking locations of Zones Gouda.

Looking for a coworking space? Please feel free to contact us!

Please contact one of our certified Hostess for free and without obligation. By phone we can be reached via + 31 (0) 182 622 744 or by e-mail via

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