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Sustainable office furnishings with optimum user experience.


  • A combination of private and open spaces (also in the central area), designed using natural colours and materials
  • Biophilic design+ with foliage at each workspace
  • Biophilic design++ with lighting according to human circadian rhythms
  • Ergonomic optimisation
  • Optimisation of acoustics and sound buffering
  • SMART building


  • Increases productivity
  • Enhances creativity
  • Improved feeling of general wellbeing
  • Better use of the available space
  • This type of office design plays a significant role in people’s choice of a new employer
  • Increased opportunities and revenue for self-employed entrepreneurs

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Do you also want a future-proof office design?

The Zones Lifestyle & Working concept is based on research on what works, for who and why. In summary: happy worker – happy employer. Download our Whitepaper to read more about which studies have been used in the development of the concept and what results the use of the concept will bring to you in financial, HR and image areas.

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A sustainable office layout with optimum user experience

33% of office users in Europe is influenced by the way the workspace is designed in their choice of where to work. The components of flexible workplaces in the open spaces have a design that aligns with what office users are looking for in a workspace. Happy worker – happy employer.

Sustainable office design

The spaces are designed with a connection with nature in mind, resulting in a combination of private and open spaces (also in the central area) using natural colours and materials. The workspaces are set up with the required basic lighting, basic furnishings and facilities in terms of data and electrical equipment.

Biophilic design+ in your office space

This connection with natural elements is evidenced by the foliage that is clearly visible from each workspace. The host/hostess takes care of plant care.

Biophilic design++

The lighting settings are set up in such a way as to align with the human circadian rhythm: a time-managed lighting system with a lighting cycle that takes into account people’s circadian rhythm. This means that the lights fixtures adjust their colour and strength throughout the day.

Ergonomic office design

Ergonomic alternatives to regular desk chairs are implemented: exercise balls, standing tables, sit-or-stand desks. This helps promote healthy active behaviour amongst users.

Optimisation of acoustics and sound buffering

Apart from optimising the set-up of the space so as to accommodate both open and private conversations, additional sound buffering is used so that noise disruption (reverberation time) is minimalised and people’s concentration and wellbeing are promoted. Sound buffering is implemented by means of sound-reducing surfaces and sound-absorbing materials.

SMART building

As part of and to enhance the desired user experience and working environment, there is the option of implementing SMART building. SMART building uses an intelligent platform that grants insight into the behaviour of buildings, business resources, systems and users – insight that leads to the improvement of that behaviour to create a more sustainable, economical and pleasant environment.

This intelligent platform brings buildings to life and links each system, source or device into a single smart environment. This allows the operation of linked devices, resources and systems by each user or by roles assigned within the organisation.

This system also grants insight into occupation or visitor information, facilitates optimum automation of maintenance and management and allows for automated ordering, registration and administrative/financial processing of services.

Based on the settings within user profiles, each type of user is granted a certain level of control over the building systems. End user controls may include light and ventilation settings within own office spaces or conference rooms. Building managers can monitor and influence all systems and receive automated alerts for required maintenance. Another possibility is the receipt of automated service requests from suppliers. All settings can be optimised for each desired situation.

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