Sports & Relaxation

Sports and relaxation in the office.


  • Use of existing sources of activity (promote use of stairs, walking routes)
  • Offering healthy alternatives to sitting
  • Both brief active sports programmes and relaxing yoga and meditation lessons offered by local businesses


  • Increase energy levels by increasing physical activity
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase the physical and emotional wellbeing of your employees
  • Reduce sick leave
  • Strengthen team spirit
  • Increase safety

A healthy lifestyle at the office

Sports and relaxation within the office setting is essential to a healthy lifestyle. It is important for adults to spend at least 150 minutes each week conducting moderately intense exercise, divided over sessions of at least 10 minutes. Adults are advised to conduct moderately intense exercise for 30 minutes per day. Across the globe, a mere 40% of the population achieve these standards. At the same time, sufficient exercise is proven to extend life expectancy and improve overall health. This also has a positive effect on healthcare expenses, with even higher cost benefits for individuals with obesity. With the implementation of this element including initiatives proven to increase the activity level of users, you are able to provide a significant contribution to all of the benefits listed above.

Promote physical activity in your office

Our architectural designs take the promotion of physical activity into consideration. Walking routes are designed in such a way as to invite users to move more and use any available stairwells.

If you have also chosen to benefit from the Sports & Relaxation base component, attention will also be paid to the promotion of exercise and relaxation by the users with information programmes to highlight the available facilities in the surrounding area. This includes appealing walking routes from the building and a selection of sport and relaxation facilities in the area.

Sports and relaxation programs in your office space

As part of this component, Zones provides the actual facilities that are needed for sport and relaxation programmes. This means that a space will be designed to accommodate said programmes, featuring excellent ventilation and showers with changing rooms. Our aim is to create a multifunctional space that maintains value beyond being used for exercise and relaxation programmes, for example as conference room facilities.

Our offering is based on scientific research regarding which activities provide a measurable positive impact on the stimulation of physical activity. We therefore offer brief active sport programmes as well as brief relaxing yoga and meditation lessons. We use local providers wherever possible.


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