Hospitality Services

Outsource Facility Management & Hospitality?


  • Hostesses and coordinator
  • Fair and sustainable procurement
  • Promotion of (the use of) green and sustainable initiatives
  • Reception services in line with the needs of users
  • SMART building
  • First Aid & Emergency Response
  • Facility management
  • Letting (support)


  • Optimisation of user’s feeling of being serviced
  • Socially responsible procurement is as transparent as a business card for all stakeholders
  • Positive contribution to image & identity: attracts investors for the businesses and employees
  • Committed driving force for the rental on site

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Do you also want a future-proof office design?

The Zones Lifestyle & Working concept is based on research on what works, for who and why. In summary: happy worker – happy employer. Download our Whitepaper to read more about which studies have been used in the development of the concept and what results the use of the concept will bring to you in financial, HR and image areas.


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Provides what you need to perform optimally.

Great service brings a smile to your face. The people responsible for Facility Management & Hospitality serve as the building’s business card and are dedicated to making each user feel at home. Their role is to maintain a well-kept Working Area, the operational management of the Food & Beverages element and operational coordination of the Sports & Relaxation element. They will also actively promote the use of the green and sustainable initiatives within each of the elements. In addition to these two individuals, there is also a coordinating point of contact.

Reception services

Apart from serving as hostess and as an extension of the sales department for office space rental, the hostess can also provide additional (secretarial) services for users, fully in line with the needs of the tenants. This also includes users’ financial handling.

SMART building

As described under the section on the Working Area, SMART building can be applied to enable each linked device, resource and system to be used by each user or by certain roles within the organisation. This can also be extended to include hospitality services.

User access can be automated, whereby the system is also managed. This applies to permanent office users as well as the so-called flex workers in the open areas.

Additionally, the use of any conference rooms, rental bicycles, charging poles, parking spaces, bicycle storage, showers, changing rooms and lockers can also be registered. Each of these, and other services, can be ordered, registered and administratively/financially processed.

The host has an overview of all service requests and is able to anticipate needs accordingly, and all financial processing to the end user is conducted automatically. All settings can be optimised according to each desired situation.

First Aid & Emergency Response

Tenants can also be aided in meeting the legally required obligations for businesses to provide emergency response measures. This means that the hostesses are certified Emergency Response Officers and will coordinate an annual Emergency Response exercise for all tenants. Likewise, all required basic First Aid equipment is provided, and the creation of an Emergency Response handbook including evacuation plan is coordinated.

Facility Management

Building security and cleaning can also be arranged. This can include coordination of the cleaning of general and office spaces, but also the implementation of an alarm system with a (smart) connection to an external control room.


Should you require support and/or a driving force for the letting of your available office spaces, the following matters can be arranged for you: rental documentation, real estate agents’ guidance, rental platform profile creation and active contact with potential rental candidates. Rental documentation can also be provided prior to transformation of your building, including 3D visualisation of the plans. This gives potential tenants a good impression of the future situation and will help them consent to rental rates and conditions before the investment has been allocated.



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