Food & Beverages

Healthy eating and drinking in the office.


  • Combination of flex work areas and leisure
  • Sustainable and local procurement
  • Edible wall
  • Readily available fresh, healthy food – not just at lunchtime
  • Tap water promotion
  • Promotion of a healthy food and beverage culture
  • Catering and room service


  • The ideal combination of the conscious eating trend (sustainable and healthy) with the increased demand for fast service and dining facilities outside of one’s office
  • Improved physical and mental health of employees
  • Increase in productivity and energy levels

Healthy food & beverages in the office

Healthy food and beverages improve the physical and emotional state of your employees and reduce absenteeism. Along with smoking and obesity, poor nutrition is a primary cause of diminished health.

Another given is that people eat out with growing frequency. A transition is also currently taking place, from the traditional breakfast-lunch-dinner pattern to six or more meals per day. Millennials and Generation Z in particular, meaning consumers between 17 and 37 years, want control over what, when and where they eat. This concept combines the trend of conscious eating (sustainable and healthy) with the increased demand for fast service and dining facilities outside of one’s office.

Promote healthy nutrition for your employees

The basic facilities are focused on the eating and drinking moments apart from the set lunch moment, with a healthy foundation. Procurement is done as sustainably as possible: attention is paid to animal welfare and sustainable fishing, fair trade, seasonal products, local and/or organic produce and waste reduction.


The hostess will also play a role in the active promotion and communication of healthy options amongst users. This includes initiatives such as a healthy activity of the day and internal mailings about the possibilities and health benefits.

Awareness of health and the connection with nature is reinforced further with the implementation of an edible wall. This wall contains fresh herbs and snack-sized vegetables and actively contributes to the promotion of healthy snacks and beverages.

Tap water promotion

Tap water remains the healthiest way to quench your thirst. To promote this concept amongst users, water taps are made available at various points within the working and hospitality areas, also offering the addition of natural flavours. This promotes healthy drinking behaviour and serves as an extra destination to break up sitting periods.


Lunches are primary composed of readily available fresh and healthy foods, with a limited selection of less healthy options. Flexibility and healthy, sustainable fast service is our priority. There will also be communication regarding recommended portion sizes, mindful eating, self-prepared options, food allergies, nutritional information and alternatives. The host will personally take care of these arrangements using local and sustainable partners.

Catering and room service

In combination with the Hospitality Service in terms of event coordination, catering and room service could also be offered. This makes it possible for even small-scale tenants to utilise this service, as it would involve the use of existing facilities.


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