Zones Lifestyle & Working

A sustainable office set-up offering the optimum user experience and occupancy rate of a building.

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With Zones Lifestyle & Working, you create a green and sustainable office environment and, by extension, a liveable future and happy users with more energy, better health and improved performance. The concept consists of four elements which can be implemented in gradations within your office environment. The concept is easily customised to meet the wishes of the tenants and the specific situation within the building. Interesting for both building owners, who can thus create sustainability within their building in terms of maintenance and rentability, and tenants, who are consequently able to attract and sustainably maintain the right employees.


A complete approach

Thanks to the Zones integral strategy, the level of service is increased and the benefits of the green and sustainable approach are enhanced. Another way to optimise the management and user experience within a property is by implementing SMART building. Using the settings within user profiles, each user type can be granted a certain level of control over the building’s systems and services.

For a full overview of the services available, you can download our menu or view each element in more detail below.

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Do you also want a future-proof office design?

The Zones Lifestyle & Working concept is based on research on what works, for who and why. In summary: happy worker – happy employer. Download our Whitepaper to read more about which studies have been used in the development of the concept and what results the use of the concept will bring to you in financial, HR and image areas.

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”You still want to start your day with a smile? We take care of that!”


Our goal is to create an environment in which you can focus on what is really important, get your work done and meet interesting people. An inspiring environment with all amenities in your vicinity.

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